LitPix is a project from Barry Shaw & Jeff Nolte

Physically cherish the moments you capture with LitPix. Launching on Kickstarter this fall.

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LitPix is designed to bring the digital photos you snap on your phone into your physical space through a beautifully designed piece of functional art. Founded by Barry Shaw and Jeff Nolte, a new mobile app will be released later this fall for the world to start printing their photos on state of the art photo slides that insert into a hardwood sculptural lamp. 

LitPix is launching through a Kickstarter campaign that will give backers access to the first production round of LitPix light boxes this Fall 2016.

After significant market research, we have developed LitPix specially for thoughtful, design conscious, forward-thinking creative people who appreciate art, culture and family. We are currently looking for partners to be a part of our launch for profit shares and publicity opportunities.