A note from Barry & Jeff

We are Barry & Jeff, the founders of LitPix

Dear friends,

We're super excited to finally roll out this project that, many of you know, we've been working so long and hard on. LitPix has been our brain child for the last two years and now is finally ready to make its way into your homes, offices and favorite spaces. As we prepare to officially launch through an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, we've put together this simple blog post to help spread the word on what LitPix is all about.

LitPix offers an innovative platform to breathe new life into your digital photos by means of a physical artifact - a lamp which back lights your photos and brings them to life in a way you've never seen before.

In today's digital world our photos sadly live only online and rarely see the light of day. We built LitPix to give people the ability to beautifully showcase their photos in their home, office and beyond. All that's required is a simple upload from a user's Instagram or any other source. From there any subsequent print is interchangeable with the initial purchase of the lamp.

Watch this brief video where we explain and show you how LitPix is made: